In-wall timer switches precisely and conveniently turn off lights and appliances when you need it to so you don't have to. Choose from mechanical or digital options to meet every style and need. Reduce energy costs with timed control of high energy-consuming appliances such as outdoor lighting, heat fans, motors, water pumps, attic fans, and filtration systems. Available in:

  • Push Button Countdown Timer
  • 7-Day Programmable Timer

Countdown timer switches are perfect for easy-to-forget lights or appliances, such as the bathroom ventilation fan. Set it and forget it - simply press the time delay option and the timer switch will shut off connected appliances when the timer is up! Choose a programmable timer when a certain appliance needs scheduled on/off control, such as outdoor porch lights. A programmable timer switch can even help a home appear occupied when when occupants are on vacation! Whatever the need, timer controls are sure to provide an elevated level of convenience and energy savings.

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  1. Enerlites HET01 7 Days Digital In-Wall Programmable Timer Switch with Blue Backlight, Ivory

    • AUTOMATIC LIGHT SWITCH TIMER Automatically turn lights, lamps, fans, sprinklers, and motors ON/OFF at the times and days you program the programmable timer switch for safety and security
    • PROGRAMMABLE TIMER 18 unique ON/OFF settings, 7-day programming. Two modes: Manual (Normal ON/OFF switch) Automatic (Controls Load according to program)
    • WALL TIMER SWITCH Replaces a standard switch utilizing current wiring in the junction box. Ni-MH battery will store time/program settings in case of power outage
    • EASY PROGRAMMING Quick and easy programming allows you to schedule both work days and weekends grouped, or schedule for every day. Anti-theft, adds security to your home
    • NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED. Resistive 1800W, Motor 1/2HP, Voltage 120VAC, 15Amps, Single pole only. Not for 3-way use. Wall plate included (8831-W)
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  2. Enerlites HET06-W In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch

    • Adjustable time delay: 5, 10, 30, or 60 min; 2 or 4 hrs
    • Blue LED light indicates selection
    • Two LED indicator light modes: Always on or flashes then turns off
    • Seven button preset time switch
    • Replaces a standard single pole light or fan switch
    • Works with most common lighting types
    • Ideal for use in closets, pantries, garages, laundry rooms, spas, outdoor/porch lighting, etc.
    • Neutral wire required
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  3. Enerlites HET01-C 7-Day Digital Programmable Timer Switch

    • 18 unique ON/OFF settings for your needs
    • Simple and fast programming:You'll be able to set schedules from Mon-Sun or Mon-Fri, or Sat.-Sun., or individual setting; can set Mon.-Fri. while keeping Sat. and Sun. schedules
    • Both automatic or manual operation available
    • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
    • Manually change switch settings without affecting saved programs
    • Easy program setting/resetting with large digital LCD display
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  4. Enerlites HET01 7-Day Digital Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch with Backlit Display

    • Set up to 18 ON/OFF schedules for your needs
    • Simple and fast programming: You'll be able to set schedules from Mon-Sun or Mon-Fri, or Sat.-Sun., or individual setting; can set Mon.-Fri. while keeping Sat. and Sun. schedules
    • Daylight Savings Time and Random modes
    • Both automatic or manually operated
    • Rechargeable NiMH batteries built-in
    • Backlit digital LCD display
    • Neutral wire required
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  5. Programmable Plug-In 7-Day Digital Heavy Duty Timer for Lights, Lamps, Heater, Electrical Outlets, Indoor, Outdoor | Grounded Single Outlet, Random and Daylight Savings Outlet Timer | 120V, 15A, 1800W

    • Full 7 Day Digital Programming, Up to 18 Unique ON/OFF Programmable Settings Per Day
    • Heavy Duty Support: 1800W, 120VAC, 15A, 1/2HP Motor Support; Built-In Backup Battery to store programs when plug is disconnected from the wall socket/electrical outlet
    • Plug-In Digital Timers are the backbone for all Holiday Lighting, coffee makers, Televisions, Floor Lamps & Garden Lighting, Internet routers to limit online gaming, Hydroponic Systems, Air Filtration and Water Pumps for aquariums and in housing lights for reptiles and other pets
    • Security Advantage: This Plug-In Timer features Dual Vacation mode functions with anti-theft mode/random mode, daylight savings time function for simple 1-Press time and program changes and an RCL function to quickly delete and add programs
    • Clear, Easy-to-Read LCD Digital Display, UL Listed, Automatic or Manual On/Off of lights, Heavy Duty Build, Outdoor & Indoor Use
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