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  • Requires TGWF500D Smart Wi-Fi dimmer switch to work; this is an add-on for Wi-Fi dimmer switches, does NOT work as a standalone switch; This is an auxiliary switch and does NOT have Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Enables 3-way and multi-location control of the Wi-Fi dimmer switch
  • Works as an auxiliary switch to a connected Wi-Fi dimmer and mirrors the same functions, or use as a manual switch
  • Replaces an existing 3-way light switch to pair with the TGWF500D Smart Wi-Fi dimmer switch; includes screwless wall plate and interchangeable face covers
  • Comes with a screwless wall plate and interchangeable face covers; 120V 60Hz, UL listed, FCC compliant

    Add-on switch enables 3-way lighting control to the TOPGREENER TGWF500D Wi-Fi dimmer. Adds a second location to manually dim your lights.
  • Dimensions:
  • Length
  • Height
  • Thick

  • Material:
  • Thermoplastic, Metal

  • Dims Lights:
  • No

  • No Hub Required
  • Yes

  • Scheduling and Timers:
  • No

  • 3-Way Compatibility:
  • Yes

  • Voice Controlw/ Alexa and Google Assistant:

  • UL Listed

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