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    99% of 100

    TOPGREENER TU21548A-W 4.8 Amp Ultra High-Speed USB Charger Outlet with 15A TR Duplex Receptacle, Interchangeable Face Covers


    The most powerful USB charger outlet in the market charges devices, smartphones, tablets, etc.!

    • The FIRST In Its Class: 4.8A Upgraded Ultra High Speed In-Wall Charging Unit
    • "Smart" Dual USB Ports Supply The Right Amount of Power to Your Devices
    • Includes Three Face Covers (White, Light Almond, Black) to Give You a Cost-Effective Way to Save When Making Decor Changes
    • Duplex Tamper-Resistant Outlets Comply With 2011 NEC Code For Electrical Safety
    • Compatible With USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 Devices; 4.8A Total Dual USB Ports, 5VDC; 15 Amp/120VAC Duplex TR Outlets; Back & Side Wired For Easy Installation
    • UL-Listed
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  2. Rating:
    100% of 100

    TOPGREENER Type-C USB Charger Outlet 4.8A, 24W with 15A Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle


    A revolutionary 4.8A, 24W charger outlet receptacle for Type C & Type A USB compatible devices.

    • Provides a total output of 4.8A, 5VDC, 24W
    • A duplex receptacle, which consists of ultra-high-speed Type A, and a reversible Type C USB ports
    • Capable of charging two devices at a time – a Type A USB port, and a Type C USB port compatible device
    • Comes with three snap on face covers, with color variations including white, black, and light almond.
    • Features two 15A tamper-resistant receptacles, which prevent the entry of unwanted objects into the port. This helps protect the outlet from any potential damage.
    • Meets the 2011 NEC Article 406.14.
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  3. Rating:
    100% of 100

    Enerlites SI8831-W 1-Gang Screwless Decorator/GFCI Child Safe Wall Plate Outlet or Light Switch Cover

    • Made of thermoplastic polycarbonate material
    • Screwless snap-on design for easy replacement
    • Decorator: Compatible two piece kit allows easy retrofit to any decorator installation
    • High-impact resistance limits access to live parts due to breakage
    • Smooth finish without recessed lines to maintain an attractive appearance while making it easy to clean
    • Environmental: Flammability UL94, V2 Rating
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  4. Rating:
    100% of 100

    TOPGREENER 975507-C 1-Gang Flip Lid Brass Cover Floor Box Assembly with 20A Tamper-Weather Resistant Duplex Receptacle

    • Dimensions:  Overall: 5" x 2.87" x 3.66" - Cover Length: 5" Cover Width: 2.87" Cover Height: .16" | Junction Box Length: 4.25" Junction Box Width: 1 .93" Junction Box Height: 3.50"
    • Specifications: Brass Rectangular Cover. 1-Gang 20A Tamper-Resistant TR / Weather-Resistant WR duplex receptacle outlet. 9 knockouts
    • Applications: This can be installed in floors with raised foundations and subfloors, not in concrete slabs. Made to mount flush with floor or counter.
    • Features: Secure access flip-up lids. Watertight gasket and corrosion resistant hardware. Proprietary galvanized steel junction box.
    • Installation: Requires tools for cutting, fastening, and measuring. Qualified electrician recommended for installation. Instructions included. Neutral, hot, ground wiring required.
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