USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp)
USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp) USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp) USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp) USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp) USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp) USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp)

USB Type-C and Type-A Combo Outlet (5.8 amp)

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  • USB wall outlet with ultra-high speed Type-A & reversible Type-C USB with total output 5.8A/5VDV, 29W.
  • Charge two devices simultaneously with a Type-A USB port and Type-C USB port, the reversible USB standard (does not charge Type-C laptops, such as MacBook pro, HP Spectre, etc.
  • Two 15A contoured Tamper-Resistant power outlets enhance electrical safety, preventing unwanted objects from being inserted into the outlet; meets 2011 NEC Article 406.14R
  • 3 click on face covers (white-attached, black, light almond) included for easy color and decor changes; 3.3'ft USB Type-C cable included.
  • Replaces in-wall outlet, using current junction box and wiring. Type-A USB: 2.4A, Type-C USB: 3.0A, 5VDC; Receptacle: 15A, 125VAC; UL Listed

Charge Your Device with TU21558AC

USB Charger Outlet with Duplex TR4 Receptacles

The TU21558AC is a USB outlet that supports USB Type-C and Type-A devices. Simply insert your cables into the appropriate USB port and your device will begin charging without needing an AC power adapter. Since the USB ports have a collective output of 5.8 ampere, the TU21558AC smart outlet can support your devices to charge at top speed.

  • 5VDC/5.8A, 29W Total USB output
  • USB Type-C and Type-A Ports
  • Built in Smart Technology IntelliChip
  • UL listed

5.8 Ampere Electricity Output

TU21558AC USB outlet offers a higher charging speed than traditional AC power adapters. With a collective output of 5.8 amps, the TU21558AC USB outlet can fully charge your device at the fastest speed.

4 in 1 Output

TU21558AC offers USB Type-C and Type-A, which provides you two high speed charging ports on top of the two AC receptacles. By installing the TU21558AC charger outlet, you can enjoy the luxury of charging all your devices at once.


TU21558AC's IntelliChip technology utilizes overcharge protection and short circuit protection. You can charge your smart devices with a peace of mind. The USB outlet is UL listed.

Color and Style

The TU21558AC comes with 3 different interchangeable face covers: black, light almond, and white. With a screwdriver you can remove the existing cover and snap on a different one

Keeping Up with the Latest Technology

USB Type C cable is currently the fastest charging cable in the market. While the normal USB Type-A has 4-pins allowing up to 2.4A, a USB Type-C has 24-pins allowing up to 3A. The TU21558AC gives you a full 5.8 amps of output to full charging power on your devices. USB Type C is the way of the future. More and more devices are changing over to Type C because of the speeds and smaller size. With the TU21558AC you can power your old devices and be ready for your new devices with both USB charging ports.

A Convenient Charging Station for You and Your Family

The TU21558AC gives you 4 receptacles, the USB Type-C and Type-A receptacle. The USB outlet gives you more locations to charge your devices than a traditional duplex receptacle. The AC receptacles are still available to power appliances while charging devices on USB receptacles. Next time your friends and family visit, feel free to have them enjoy the convenience of charging their devices in TU21558AC.

More Built-in Safety Features

The TU21558AC has more built-in safety features to keep your devices safe from any electrical hazard. It is designed and built with IntelliChip technology. This technology reads the power needs of the device and delivers power at the device’s maximum speed. It also stops powering once the device is fully charged. This technology will give you a peace of mind while offering great charging power.

Tamper-Resistant, A Safety Feature for You and Your Family

Built-in tamper-resistant technology is another feature that enhances the safety of the TU21558AC USB outlet. It prevents small foreign objects such as paper clips or needles from sticking through, which may cause electrical shock to small children or pets.

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